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 The holidays are coming and you know that means time spent with family and the stress that can bring...

If you get anxiety around the holidays or just in general due to unmet expectations and boundary violations, read on...

Do you:

  • feel like people take advantage of your kindness or attempt to manipulate your emotions, especially guilt feelings?
  • go into lengthy explanations about why you are saying no and then end up often saying yes?
  • feel selfish when you want to do what's right for you?
  • find yourself feeling increasingly resentful of many people in your life?
  • often say "sorry" where a thank you would suffice?
  • find yourself spending far too much time and energy managing other people's emotions?
  • not ask for what you want yet work tirelessly to meet the needs of others?

If you said yes to any of these then you likely have boundary issues! 

If you are an empath or a self-proclaimed people-pleaser it is likely that you have a difficult time asserting your boundaries without feeling like you are being a b#*@!! Well, there's help! You can be kind and compassionate while having boundaries like a boss! 

I have created a Boundary Bootcamp to turn you from push-over to powerhouse! Because having healthy boundaries doesn't make you a Diva, they make you a Sovereign!!

Boundaries are the rule book in your game of life- setting yourself and others up for success!  Boundaries are not a punishment they are a GIFT!!

By the end of this two day, interactive, online workshop you will have the communication skills and strong mindset to own your throne and stand firmly in your power.


2, 2 hour live interactive sessions 

recordings of the sessions, yours to keep

private Facebook support group 

workbook exercises, yours to keep

Only $57 plus tax

Click below to register  

Order form: Boundaries Bootcamp for Empaths and People-Pleasers


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