Summer Of Self-LOVE

Here's what a previous participant said about SOSL:

"It's hard to even fully put into words what it was like to work with Natalie. I just completed her Summer of Self Love Program and to say it was incredible is an understatement. She was able to help guide me to new levels of awareness and discover deeply ingrained beliefs I wasn't even aware were affecting my perception of my worth ( and that's saying something given I'm a therapist and dive deep into my own stuff constantly! lol) . I signed up for this program struggling to love myself and emerged on the other side with perfect clarity remembering the truth I had forgotten and buried under layers of mistaken beliefs. She reminded me of my beauty, my value and that I am and always have been perfect just as I am. I believe that now and my body is tingling with this new awareness as I type!! I would highly recommend working with Natalie, she is clearly following her divine purpose and I will be eternally grateful for this life changing experience. Thank you Natalie ❤"
Sarah Picken ~ Marriage and Family Therapist

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1:1 Self-Love Support Call

Hey Lovely Being!

I know this work you are embarking upon can be incredibly challenging, after all, we are living in a society that reinforces and programs our self-criticism and fosters our insecurities from the time we are old enough to interact with social media and society in general. Stepping into this kind of de-programming can bring up some really intense feelings that you'll likely want to unpack with a compassionate person who gets it. I've been there and I am so grateful to this day that I had someone who was able to reflect back to me my true worth and my inherent beauty while I processed all the painful lies I was sold (and bought).

If you are feeling the desire to have that kind of support through this courageous work, I am here for you! I will remind you of your truth when you're questioning yourself or simply listen as you share all the realizations this course is bringing up for you.

Let's jump on a call and talk it out babe! There is so much healing in being deeply seen, heard and loved for who you are as you are.

Vulnerability is where the real transformation begins and it looks good on you!

BIG discount on this 1:1 from half the usual pricing because YOU took the leap into self-love and making this the summer you said I AM ENOUGH!

90 mins of self-love support coming atcha!

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Summer Of Self-LOVE

A 6 weeks/modules self-study "at your own pace" course for when you're finally ready to:

  • end the war between you and your body and love it like you know it should be loved
  • smash the media and cultural paradigms telling you you're not good enough as you are
  • do the *self-love strut* anywhere, everywhere, no matter what you wear
  • liberate yourself from the insidious slavery of shame and self-criticism that is preventing you from living you best life
  • have more fun in the sun without worrying about the size of your thighs

    Join the Summer Of Self-Love Revolution!

The missing piece to your inner-peace in a two piece!

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