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Make 2019 the year you get in touch with your desires and give yourself permission to have what you want! 

Yes! I'm Ready!

 Why do I feel like there is so much more for me in this life if I could just get past my feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness?


Why am I tired and sick, still struggling with my body and confused with what I should be doing to take control of my health and choices?


Why am I still not satisfied with my current life and circumstances no matter how hard I work -I'm just spinning my wheels?


Why am I fighting feelings of resentment and jealousy while watching others doing things I know I should be doing when I really just want to be happy for their success?


Why am I looking to outside sources and things to fulfill me when I know deep down that they don't hold the answer and just keep me longing for more?



CRAVE Is For You If You Are:


  • Stuck in redundant patterns that are leaving you unhappy, frustrated, tired and not able to move to new levels of freedom, health and personal growth
  • Dissatisfied and with a nagging sense of having so much more to give but not knowing what or how
  • Tired of starting and stopping new programs leaving you feeling like a failure and unable to trust yourself
  • Holding onto things that you know don't serve your best and highest; addictions, physical symptoms, behaviours, thought patterns, limiting beliefs and bad habits you can’t seem to shake
  • Lacking clarity on what you really desire so having no goals or direction, only apathy and overwhelm
  • Fluctuating between frozen feelings that hold you back and a feeling of desperation to take action as if time is running out
  • Unable to see and own the fact that YOU ARE WORTHY of the life of your dreams


The answers lay in discovering what you CRAVE!


With 2018 coming to a close, this is great time to sit and reflect on your previous year and consider what you want to create in 2019!


 So the question you need to be asking is WHAT DO I CRAVE?


If you sit in stillness and hear the whisper of your soul what is it yearning for? 

What wants to be created and birthed in and through you in this one glorious life?

If we never ask ourselves these fundamental questions we cannot communicate with clarity to the Source~Universe what we wish to make manifest.  We spin our wheels for years not hitting the mark of true satisfaction and this reinforces our feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy while damaging the trust we have in ourself.

But the secret is that the more clear we are with our “wish list”-what we truly crave- the more speedy and accurate the creation of all of our desires will be!

We are born pure dreamers and creators yet we are taught all our lives that what we desire is wrong or not within our capabilities. We are taught to follow orders and to people-please while denying our own desires. We are never taught to listen to our soul’s longings or how to take conscious action to “move in the direction of our dreams”.  And now here we are as adults, having to strip down to our most authentic Self in order to see and hear our truth for the first time since we were day-dreaming kids.

Once you tune into that inner-wisdom and the child essence that is your authentic voice, you will begin to have clarity on what you were put here on this earth to BE and CREATE. You will be able to identify your emotional, physical, and psychological cravings, what is behind them, and then give yourself permission to have all that you desire because you will... 




Then you will begin to recognize and receive all that you desire as if by magic!


In this 6 week group coaching course you will learn to:

  • Choose with conscious clarity the behaviours, actions and beliefs that support moving towards your best health and a life based on your deepest desires!

  • Release once and for all the limiting beliefs you have that are subconsciously influencing your choices and holding you back from having the life you desire!

  • Allow yourself to desire and attract those desires to be fulfilled!

  • Value yourself, know your worth and understand your personal values as the firm foundation on which you create your best and most aligned life! 

  • Express yourself authentically and unapologetically in 2019!!!


Join me for a 6 week intensive journey within to discover what you truly CRAVE and begin to feed your cells, love yourself & satisfy your soul. Create healthy new habits, thoughts & beliefs for a new year & new YOU and transform your total health; 'Cell to Soul’.


Choose, Release, Allow, Value & Express Your True Self in 2019!


I combine my years of manifestation, nutrition, fitness and self-love and health coaching expertise with my passion for vibrant and purposeful living together with the secret formula to creating your BEST life; to love yourself as you are!!  When you know that you are worthy of having a magical and fulfilling life you are an UNSTOPPABLE MAGNET and your desires come to YOU!

2019 is your time to DREAM BIG again! All it will require is for you to decide you are worthy to start the process. Now is the time, because the truth is...

These longings won’t go away. You will continue to attempt to fulfill them in unsatisfying and even destructive ways such as; over-indulgence in food, toxic relationships, self-medicating substances or impulsive consumerism.


Using cutting-edge science of Ortho-molecular/cellular nutrition, Neuro-plasticity and Epigenetics paired with my transformational teaching methods, I will challenge you to take full ownership of your life, to balance your cellular chemistry, to uncover your desires, to set your goals, to take conscious action, and to live from a place of radical and transformational self-love as the secret to manifestation magic!!  

 Self-Love is NOT hokey, it’s quantum science! And IT IS NECESSARY to manifest the life of your dreams!

When we truly love ourselves, not only do the relationships in our life transform, our body begins to manifest in a healthier expression. This transformation is both on the soul-level and it is CELLULAR!  The secret science of Self-Love is yours to discover and make work for YOU. It is the beginning of all manifestation in our lives.  It is our creation power!

 In the 6 week CRAVE program you will receive:

  • 6, 90min. live group calls (recorded to playback at your leisure or in case you miss one, yours to keep!) 
  • Live question and answer segment each week 
  • Healthy and sustainable nutritional science-based menu plan with recipes (upgrade to a personalized plan based on a symptomatology of what your body is saying and your unique chemistry at a massively discounted cost!! See details below)
  • Clarity mindset and new habit habituation tools, yours to keep
  • Goal setting, accountability and knowledgeable expertise from a highly in-demand self-love coach, certified personal trainer and registered holistic nutritionist in one (upgrade to add one-on-one coaching sessions for a deep discount!!)  
  • Self-love secrets and practical ways to love yourself more each day
  • Workbook PDFs each week to guide and keep you on track and accountable all year long that can be used over and over when needed throughout your life
  • Membership to a private Facebook community where you can inquire, share, inspire, motivate and celebrate your successes


This Program runs from Jan. 16- Feb. 20 2019

Replays of the live calls are provided in case you can't make the live call and are yours to keep 

Group calls are Wednesdays 7:30-9 pm CT via Zoom

Early bird saving until Dec.28, 2018, yours for $333. After which it goes up to $444

Upgrade to the PLUS Package which includes:

  • Your personalized nutrition plan based on a complete personalized symptomatology questionnaire to uncover your body's unique needs and how to nourish your body at the cellular level to correct deficiencies, toxicities and other potential health issues. 
  • 2 one hour, one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss, outline and implement your personalized nutrition plan as well as your CRAVE 2019 personal goals to help you integrate your new protocol and reinforce your new choices through accountability and support.

All yours for an additional $300 -A total savings of $600 This one time discount is AVAILABLE TO YOU ONLY WHEN PURCHASED WITH CRAVE 2019

Upgrade to the CRAVE PLUS Package by clicking the link on the next page 

Credit card and Paypal accepted

Makes a great Holiday gift for a loved one or for yourself!! 


If you are ready to CHOOSE NOW to uncover what you CRAVE and begin the creation magic in your life click the button below.


The life of your dreams exists beyond the blocks of old habits, limiting beliefs, addictions, attachments and apathy we call day-to-day survival. You were meant to THRIVE! Connect to your soul’s longing and identify what you CRAVE so that you can  make 2019 the year you awaken your dreams!!




Yes! I'm Ready!
  • “The biggest insight that I learned was that I was justifying childhood trauma that I considered a non issue. When in fact some of these instances have stayed with me subconsciously and has effected some of my relationships with people. Also what I believed about myself.

    This group course was insightful and really dug down into what my personal blocks were. The support of Natalie and all the people that participated in the group was amazing. Whenever I needed to ask a question or was a little confused about a subject I knew I would get an informative answer or suggestion. Listening to Natalie during the live sessions were motivating, informative and most importantly inspiring. You could feel the love and good vibes radiating, even through the screen. I just want to thank Natalie for creating this amazing course!”

  • “That class was so awesome.  Thank-you.  I have had a few of my buttons pushed or “triggered” today and yesterday.  So grateful for those instances occurring and for your wonderful teaching today.  Connecting some dots and hope to connect more and make space!!”

  • “In university and even long before that, I longed for a teacher like Natalie. Someone to teach me how to take care of myself so that I can live my best life, and someone that I could really talk to and trust. Natalie's courses were the best experience I have ever had in my education, and I got so much more out of it than I hoped. The days of the course were always the highlight of my week. Natalie is honest and courageous and told me what this vessel requires to thrive, and we discussed health and wellness topics that I already loved and some that were entirely new to me. She is one of the most supportive people in my life and I am honoured to learn from her and be her friend. She sees the Divine in everyone, and has reminded me of this many times while I have gone through some very difficult challenges. Health challenges and trauma have pushed me to my limits at times. Self Love has been challenging during these times too, but honouring myself, loving myself and allowing loving self care into my life have been the only way through the challenges. Natalie is one of the only people I know of that are as inspired as I am to fill the world up with love. Her story is powerful, and she learned how and healed herself, but she has not stopped there and continues to find more ways to bring self Love miracles into people's lives. ”

Yes! Sign Me Up!