"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you feeling stuck not knowing how to plan, dream or manifest in this strange new world? Do you feel like you have one foot on the gas and one on the brake constantly spinning your wheels? Are you aware deep down that this new world is calling for a stronger, clearer and more empowered YOU than how you've been showing up? 

The good news is that it is precisely NOW when we can take all the lessons we have learned from the chaos of these past few years and begin to create something NEW, based on our desire for what we want for this world and our place in it!

With this 6 week group interactive course you will be guided step by step through a process of self-discovery and tap in to what you truly desire for your life. You will discover a new found clarity of purpose and plot out action steps to get you there, right down to what you will commit to doing daily to realize your dreams for your life. 

Are YOU ready to put the past behind you where it belongs and to discover the hidden power that lies within you and use it to consciously  create your life from your soul's deepest desires?

Are you ready to create the life you CRAVE?

I'm in!

CRAVE Is For You If You Are:

  • Stuck in redundant patterns that are leaving you unhappy, frustrated, tired and not able to move to new levels of freedom, health and personal growth
  • Feeling dissatisfied and with a nagging sense of having so much more to contribute but not knowing what or how
  • Tired of starting and stopping new ideas or projects, leaving you feeling like a failure and unable to trust yourself
  • Holding onto things that you know don't serve your best and highest; addictions, labels, grudges, stories, symptoms, behaviours, thought patterns, limiting beliefs and bad habits you can’t seem to shake
  • Lacking clarity on what you really desire so having no goals or direction, only apathy and overwhelm
  • Fluctuating between frozen feelings that hold you back and a feeling of desperation to take action as if time is running out
  • Unable to truly own the fact that YOU ARE WORTHY of the life of your dreams
  • Looking for a group of like-minded conscious people who know that with support and guidance we can shift the energy and use it to co-create a brighter future for ALL!!

The answers lay in discovering what your soul CRAVES!


As another year comes to a close, many of us are left feeling confusion and chaos, not knowing what the  next step will be and how to navigate this tumultuous time. Be encouraged!! It is exactly from this chaos that the wellspring of creative life force of the human spirit can create a new future! We must look beyond the confusion all around us by turning to and trusting in what lies within us. By tapping into our soul's deepest desires we can design a clear vision of the future we wish to create and reverse-engineer our daily focus and disciplined practices to create what we envision!!


 So the question you need to be asking is "WHAT DO I TRULY CRAVE?"


If you sit in stillness and hear the whisper of your soul what is it yearning for? 

What wants to be created and birthed in and through you as your contribution to the collective?

What is your soul's curriculum and contract you came here to fulfill?

What do you need to do, believe, learn or unlearn in order to support yourself to make it a reality?

If we never ask ourselves these fundamental questions we cannot communicate with clarity to the "Source~Universe~Quantum Consciousness" what we wish to make manifest.  We spin our wheels for years not hitting the mark of true satisfaction and this reinforces our feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy while damaging the trust we have in our self and the process.

But the secret is that the more clear we are with our “wish list” the more speedy and accurate the creation of all of our desires will be!

We are born into this life as pure dreamers and powerful creators yet from early on we are taught that to desire is wrong and selfish, or we might fail if we try, or that what we desire is wrong or that it is not within our capabilities- we learn our limitations through the process of social conditioning. We are conditioned, both subliminally and overtly, to follow the will of others who claim authority over us and to people-please, often at the expense of our own desires for our life. We are rarely ever taught to listen to our soul’s longings, to trust our desire to lead us to our purpose, or how to take conscious action to “move in the direction of our dreams”.  In some traditions we are even taught that desire itself is wrong. But CRAVE is here to set the record straight!!

Your Soul's desire IS the God-Spark of CREATION power within you!! 

Desire IS the generative force of the Universe and gratitude is the acceleration fuel!

And now, here we are as adults, feeling lost and unfulfilled because we have spent much of our life living on someone else's terms, doing what we feel we "should"and surrendering our self-sovereignty over to the illusion of authority.


These past years were a gift, in that, it forced us to stop and take inventory of what truly matters in life. From that newfound  knowledge we can begin to see once again our most authentic SOUL-fueled desires, to see and hear our own voice for the first time since we were day-dreaming kids and begin to create from that conscious place once again! 

Once you tune into that inner-wisdom and the child-essence that is your authentic voice, you will begin to have clarity on what you were put here on this earth to DO and to CREATE. It's all based on the universal law of manifestation, that you:


Understand this: we give too much power to circumstances over the outcomes of our life. If you are ready to take your power back from circumstance and believe again in the power of your ability to create what you desire by the force of your faith and your will, then you are ready to join the ranks of the conscious creators who have taken CRAVE! 

In this 6 week group coaching course you will learn to:

  • Choose with conscious clarity the behaviours and beliefs that support moving towards your best life based on your deepest desires!

  • Release once and for all the limiting beliefs you have that are subconsciously influencing your choices and holding you back from creating the life you desire!

  • Allow yourself permission to desire again and to attract the fulfillment of those desires!

  • Value yourself, know your worth and understand your personal values as the firm foundation on which you create the vision of your best and most aligned life! 

  • Express yourself authentically and unapologetically in today and beyond!!!

Join me for a 6 week intensive journey within to get in touch with your desire and discover what you truly CRAVE.  You incarnated in this time and place for a reason. You are not here by accident. You are here to contribute your authentic Self and Soul gifts! And the beautiful thing is, that what you came here to give is also what you came to receive. Your Soul's desire and your pursuit of it IS the offering you give to the world! So while you fulfill your Soul contract here, you contribute to the collective and become an invitation for others to do the same!!

Choose to consciously create

Recognize and release limiting beliefs

Allow and attract abundance

Value yourself and create a vision for your life

Express yourself authentically and un-apologetically!!

I combine my experience and expertise in goal-setting, manifestation, cellular nutrition, health and fitness and self-love coaching with my passion for vibrant and purposeful living together with the secret formula to creating your BEST life to bring you this powerful 6 week group coaching course.  When you know that you are worthy of having a magical and fulfilling life you are an UNSTOPPABLE MAGNET and your desires come to YOU! When you work in community with others and declare your desires boldly, your request is even more potent than before!

NOW is your time to DREAM BIG again! All it will require is for you to decide you are worthy to start the process. Now is the time, because the truth is...

These longings won’t go away. You will continue to attempt to fulfill them in unsatisfying and even destructive ways such as; over-indulgence in food, toxic relationships, gossip, social media, self-medicating substances or impulsive consumerism.


Using cutting-edge science of ortho-molecular/cellular nutrition, neuro-plasticity and epigenetics paired with my transformational teaching methods, I will challenge you to take full ownership of your life, to balance your cellular chemistry, to modulate your central nervous system response, to uncover your soul's desires, to set your soul-goals, to take conscious daily action, and to live from a place of radical and transformational self-love as the secret to manifestation magic. 

 Self-Love is quantum science at play! IT IS the NECESSARY ingredient to manifest the life of your dreams and the future we wish to co-create!

When we truly love ourselves, not only do the relationships in our life transform, our body begins to manifest in a healthier expression too. This transformation is both on the soul-level and it is CELLULAR!  The secret science of self-love is yours to discover and make work for YOU. It is the beginning of all manifestation in our lives.  It is our creation power!

Here's what past participants are saying about CRAVE:

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing CRAVE course. It was a truly life-changing experience for me, your teachings were incredibly timely, comprehensive and I am pleased to say that I am still processing all the gems of wisdom  since the course wrapped up last month! 

I am a Spiritual person and I believe that the Universe brought you and the CRAVE course into my life exactly when I needed it most! Your kindness and generosity touched my heart very deeply and helped restore my faith in Humanity. From the very first session I attended I was very inspired and touched by your wholehearted commitment and dedication to teaching us how to have healthy, thriving and heart-led relationships with ourselves and others, starting with the foundation of self-love and authenticity first and foremost! 

Natalie, you are a shining light in this world and I am so grateful for your authentic heartfelt presence and warmth, and your gift of holding a safe space of unconditional acceptance and wholeness to foster healing and transformation at the deepest level. It was such an amazing experience being part of such a beautiful group of women and I felt truly honoured and privileged to do so."

-Michelle, Sydney, Aus.

"This is the season where over and over people post these 90 day challenges to lose weight and feel great. But if you truly want to be healthy, be happy and feel great this is the course for you. If you are looking for a truly life changing experience then this is for you! I spent many, many years in despair, thinking I would never find my way, that my true self was lost never to be found. Not a day goes by when I am not totally overwhelmed with gratitude for Natalie. It's pretty hard to build a house with no tools. Natalie, gave me the tools I needed in order to create my life. She didn't do the work, or tell me how it should look, she just said here take this, you are amazing and you can do this! I DID and I AM!"

-Cari Wiebe, Proprietor of Sparrow's Lane Holistic Health Shop

"I honestly can’t think of a better gift to treat yourself to than Natalie’s Crave Program. If you are ready for transformation, expansion, heart opening self love work this is where it’s at! Natalie has walked this journey which makes her uniquely and exceptionally qualified to support you through this process. She provides a safe space and a huge heart to support you every step of the way!!!"  

-Sarah Picken, Marriage and Family Therapist

"It's funny. How many times do we think - I should really...One day I will...If only...  I highly recommend booking yourself in to this amazing program with Natalie to commit to your self. I'm not sure I know anyone who does it better!"

-Tracy Lee Thibodeau, Ignite Retreats

"CRAVE was the best course I have ever taken!! Honestly, I wish Natalie could teach this course at the University."

-Bethany Blicq, Student

"Natalie, I have to say I feel fantastic after following your recommendations from CRAVE. I can’t get over the energy I have. Last year I was so exhausted I could barely hold my head up or move and that was with one kid not three!!  Thanks!!"

-Corley Magnusson, Parent Coach for Kids with Unique Needs

"My biggest takeaway was learning to replacing ‘I have to’ which is born of resistance with ‘I get to’ which is born of gratitude, inspiration and creativity. This is especially fun for turning the seeming mundane into something exciting! Thanks for this powerful shift in perspective Natalie Reimer Anderson and CRAVE Program!!"

-Beth Martens, Business and Archetype Coach for King Heroes and Merpreneurs

 In the 6 week CRAVE program you will receive:

  • 6 pre-recorded content/teaching recorded modules
  • Clarity mindset exercises and new habit forming habituation tools
  • Goal-setting and accountability from a highly in-demand international self-love coach
  • Workbook modules full of potent questions and exercises for each of the 6 weeks to guide and keep you on track and accountable all year long that can be used over and over when needed throughout your life
  • Encouragement to keep creating! This is YOUR LIFE!


If you are ready to CHOOSE NOW to uncover what you CRAVE and begin the creation magic in your life click the button below.


The life of your dreams exists beyond the blocks of old habits, limiting beliefs, addictions, attachments and apathy we call day-to-day survival. You were meant to THRIVE, YES even now! YES, ESPECIALLY NOW!


Answer the call of your Soul

I Choose Me!!