Unblocking Your Self-Love Discovery Call

If you crave some real talk and compassionate, intuitive and open-hearted listening without judgement or pretence, this 90min call is for you! I will hold you to your highest truth of what your soul is wishing to express and to help you to see for yourself the glorious and precious being that you were created to be.  We will open your eyes to see the blocks obscuring the beauty that IS YOU! You will begin to discover your truth and begin to LOVE YOURSELF more day by day!! (*if you choose to carry on with individual coaching the cost of this call will be subtracted from fees.)



Overview: In one focussed, intense and fun-filled day you will co-create your passion-driven, practical and purposeful LIFE PLAN to design the life of your dreams.

Through gentle guidance and carefully selected exercises, Natalie, will help you gain clarity of your true soul’s desires and create an action plan with practical steps to follow that will move you confidently and with greater self-discipline toward your goals.

The amazing LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS is waiting for you! It is hiding as a seed of desire under layers of fear, distraction, disbelief, busyness and lack of focus. When we bring our desires to awareness and water and shine a little bit each day, we nurture and grow the seed to fruition. Your desires are the seed, your beliefs the soil, your choices are the rain and your daily practices are the sunshine. What you cultivate is in your control because YOU ARE THE GARDENER!!!!

You Receive:

Design Your Life workbook, exercises & tools to plan and strategize and to easily continue on your own.

Exercises and meditations to uncover your hidden desires that you have not yet given yourself permission to believe you can actually create.

Take home gift of luxury items to support your life plan and passionate, purposeful living.

5 hours of individualized pampering and coaching from a supportive guide who is cheering for you to get clear and LIVE BOLDLY!

A gourmet nutritious lunch to invigorate your important physical and spiritual processing.

Green juice, healthy snacks and hydrating elixirs to fuel your focus and up-regulate your vibration.

Energetic chakra clearing with crystals and essential oils.



Intuition Nutrition Intensive

This 6 week package is for you if you know that the missing piece of your health puzzle is nutrition but don’t know which or how to get the nutrients your body needs. We start with a complete symptomatology questionnaire to uncover your current state of health, your deficiencies and possible toxicities, as well as lifestyle factors that are contributing to less than optimal health. This package is designed to address your cellular needs for targeted nutrients in a comprehensive and individualized nutritional program which includes: menu plans, the highest quality and most targeted supplement recommendations, simple recipes, tracking and behaviour modification tools, a comprehensive 1 1/2 hr kickoff call plus three bi-weekly -half hour check-in phone call meetings to guide you through integrating your new programs challenges and changes.

You Receive:

Symptomatology intake with comprehensive testing questionnaires

1 1/2 hour Kick-off phone call to carefully explain your program

Individualized menu plan with typical daily and weekly menu

Daily intake tracking and habituation tools

Goal setting clarity and timeline

3~ half hour phone calls to discuss your plan & have your questions answered bi-weekly

Exercise programs and recommendations

Stress-management recommendations

Targeted supplement recommendations and guidance with easy purchase

Healthy shopping lists and pantry swaps

Resources for healthy eating on-the-go and at local restaurants 

This is a 6 week program designed to empower you with knowledge of your body's unique chemistry and nutritional needs and set you on a course of meeting your health goals once and for all.

Additional coaching and upgrade to the Cell~Soul~Self-Love System is available as well as extended nutritional  coaching packages.  


Cell~Soul~Self-Love Signature System

This 9 month program includes the Intuition Nutrition Cellular Package, one-on-one coaching and transition ceremonies! You receive 9 months of individual coaching calls twice per month, 18 calls total. Plus, you receive multiple resources, workbooks and modules to continue and deepen your self-inquiry and self-knowledge. It is a complete life-overhaul where we address the being from Cell to Soul. If you desire massive shifts both physically and spiritually, THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!!

We begin with the Complete Nutritional Symptomatology Assessment to understand and address the physical needs along with the Self-Love Intake Questionnaire to…

Determine what the SELF truly CRAVES from cell to soul!


That true nourishment is both spiritual and physical and one can’t fully heal without the other.

Optimizing health through empowered choices based on educating you to live from truth and love.

Adopting a new and simplified lifestyle that includes pleasure, the end of dieting!

Small and effective steps to create positive and lasting changes: the 'power of less' principle.

A holistic, mind-body-spirit approach that is designed for your unique needs and goals.

A focus on health and NOT the scale.

Learning strategies to navigate the real-world and avoid the common pitfalls.

Accountability through assessment, goal-setting and taking responsibility of your glorious life.

The uniqueness of the individual and the power of the body to heal beyond anything you've been allowed to believe.

That the underlying causes of negative lifestyle patterns/programs can be changed once recognition and awareness are brought to them.

The power of coaching, accountability, encouragement and compassion applied to your life goals and journey.

Facilitating your path to wellness and self-love through uncovering what you already have within you as an infinite being and the creator of your life.

That YOU are whole, unique and perfect just as you are and that this present experience is part of your life’s curriculum.

That your body has innate intelligence and you can learn to listen to what it needs and desires.

You can be friends with and love yourself and your body once and for all.

You are sailing your own ship but sometimes you might need someone to act as the lighthouse for as long as you need to navigate to shore.


A complete and comprehensive symptomatology analysis and personalized nutrition and wellness plan

2 One hour private calls per month for 9 months, 18 total 

Workbooks and supplemental resources

2 Ceremonial Healing Rituals, in-person when possible



Natalie has extensive experience with speaking to large and small audiences on various stages from TEDx to MoMondays, high school classrooms, conferences and festivals. As a teacher and storyteller at heart, Natalie loves to share her miraculous personal story of healing through the power of SELF-LOVE. 

Check out her MoMondays presentation on the home page…