6 Modules/Weeks

a self-study course 'at your own pace' from wherever you are with dozens of fun & transformational lessons and activities to make this the best summer of your life!

The missing piece to your inner-peace in a two piece!

When you are ready to:

💋 end the war between you & your body & love it like you know it should be loved
💋 smash the media and cultural paradigms telling you you're not good enough
💋 do the *self-love strut* anywhere, everywhere, no matter what you wear
💋 liberate yourself from the insidious slavery of shame and self-criticism
💋 have more fun in the sun without worrying about the size of your thighs

Then It's Time To Join The Summer Of Self-Love Revolution!

Self-guided study at your own pace. You will receive the modules all at once to work through at your own pace from wherever you are

Dozens of fun activities and challenges to expand your self-love, shift your self-perception and begin to experience levels of freedom in your body like never before.

What You'll Learn:

  • Your subconscious believes everything you say about yourself; change the dialogue!
  • You, as much as anyone in the entire universe are WORTHY of your own LOVE and affection!
  • In a society that pursues perfection at all costs, criticizes and judges constantly and worships celebrity; caring for yourself, being uniquely YOU, being kind to yourself and LOVING yourself are acts of defiance!
  • Get in touch with your inner rebel and defy the messages of a sick and broken society!
  • Be your strongest and most loving support and surround yourself with people who you admire and who do the same!
  • Positive messages of love to yourself change the energy of the body!
  • Self-acceptance is as powerful as group acceptance because your subconscious doesn’t recognize the difference!
  •  Love yourself and let it show in your choices of friends, foods, thoughts, activities and attitude!
  • NO ONE can do it for you. You hold the key and all the power to create your life on a foundation of self-love!!
  • And much, MUCH MORE!!
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  • It's funny. How many times do we think - I should really...One day I will...If only...  I highly recommend booking yourself in to this amazing program The Summer Of Self-Love with Natalie to commit to your self. I'm not sure I know anyone who does it better!

    Tracy Lee Thibodeau

    Ignite Retreats Founder

  • It's hard to even fully put into words what it was like to work with Natalie. I just completed her Summer of Self Love Program and to say it was incredible is an understatement. She was able to help guide me to new levels of awareness and discover deeply ingrained beliefs i wasn't even aware were affecting my perception of my worth ( and thats saying something given i'm a therapist and dive deep into my own stuff constantly! lol) . I signed up for this program struggling to love myself and emerged on the other side with perfect clarity remembering the truth i had forgotten and buried under layers of mistaken beliefs. She reminded me of my beauty, my value and that I am and always have been perfect just as i am. I believe that now and my body is tingling with this new awareness as i type!! I would highly recommend working with Natalie, she is clearly following her divine purpose and i will be eternally grateful for this life changing experience. Thank you Natalie ❤

    Sarah Picken

    Marriage & Family Therapist


Hi! I’m Natalie, a mom of two teens, a wife, former pro-athlete (even dabbling in fitness modelling), a former high school teacher, and currently a holistic nutritionist and life coach who has gained and lost over 90lbs twice! I've healed myself of an autoimmune condition through the power of self-love and learned to live with and overcome pain while growing a deep sense of empathy after being hit by a car which ended my exercise addiction and changed my body and lifestyle yet again. I've been in so many incarnations in this body of mine and I have learned to love it,  appreciate it and embody it fully and gratefully...finally! I now share my experience and expertise as a Self-Love Coach with passion and purpose for the past 18 years.

My heart's deepest desire for you is that you experience the self-love and freedom that comes from embodying the truth of who and what you truly are. The path to your best life is to embrace and love all of you so that you can live the glorious life you were meant to as your authentic self. YOU ARE WORTHY BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE and your uniqueness is needed now more than ever! I'm here to remind you of this and that is my honour!

Are you ready for the best summer of your life?

Time to focus on your FUN in the SUN not the size of your thighs!