Are you ready to believe in your magic again?

If you found your way here it is NOT by accident. NOW is your time and the pull of your own soul's desire for a life of purpose and authenticity has called you in. As Rumi says "This place right here, God circled it on a map for you". Do you feel the recognition of  your soul lighting up with those goose bumps?

That's alignment you're feeling! Welcome to the start of your magical journey back to the truth of your Self!

You're in the right place if you've been searching for your magic and know there is something more to life than what you've been looping day to day. Perhaps you're experiencing dis-ease or a deep dissatisfaction with the way life has turned out and you know you are a few strategic choices and a perception shift away from a whole new life but you can't quite seem to get there on your own?  

Meet Natalie...

A mystic for a modern world, a lover of life- especially the obstacles. She's used them to fuel her rogue and curious nature, especially when it comes to self and societally-imposed limitations in this human experience called life.

The calling of Spirit on Natalie's life began with a health crisis in the form of an auto-immune condition that demanded she re-evaluate her life and learn to love herself by uncovering her mistaken perceptions and reconnecting to her inherent self-worth. Now her passion is to stoke the fires of expanding consciousness by empowering others to create their best life through healthy boundaries, beliefs, behaviours and micro-biome.

With two decades of experience in  spiritually-minded health and wellness coaching, 4 years as the in-house nutritionist at both a Naturo-pathic clinic as well as a Psychologist clinic, classroom teaching and coaching sport at the high school and college level for a dozen years, and formerly playing volleyball as a high-performance professional athlete, Natalie has taken all of her experiential knowledge and combined it with her soul-based approach to life as the missing piece of the health puzzle which she believes is found in self-love and reclaiming our self-worth. 

Trained in The Socratic Method, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, Shame Resilience, Jungian Philosophy & Archetypes, Bio-Emotive Framework (Dr. Doug Tataryn), Compassionate Inquiry (Dr. Gabor Maté), BodyTalk Fundamentals,  Access Consciousness, Physical Education (B.Ed), Personal Training (CanFitPro) and Holistic Nutrition (RHN designation from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition), Natalie combines her multi-facteted and vast education and expertise across multiple disciplines to provide a "one stop shop" of Spiritual Health Guidance in her signature system; The "Cell to Soul" Self-love Soulution and various other offerings such as courses, workshops , group and personal coaching and public speaking and teaching. (learn more on her "Offerings" page)

With her gift of deeply intuitive presence and compassionate listening, she’ll act as guide to your soul’s unique path to the treasure hidden within the map of your stories that conceal your subconscious beliefs and offer a cosmic transmission that clients and friends call "profound and transformational”.


Natalie has finally embraced her uniqueness. She wants all that for you too.

And she’ll have you believing in your magic again.

When you’re ready to take the courageous leap while being rooted in fiercely un-shakeable sisterly love and support from someone who has walked this path and will hold you in the highest regard until you see and become what you desire to create yourself to be, then take the next step by sending an email, booking a call, or visiting the "Offerings" page to begin your journey back to the truth of you:

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Hear my personal story of the healing power of self-love!

What Clients Have To Say:

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

Reaching out to you has been one of the most powerful things that I have ever done for myself 💜 you are an incredible human being and I cannot possibly express to you how grateful I am for everything you do and have done 😘

The Cell~Soul~Self-Love System

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

Thank you so much for taking the time. I felt deeply soothed talking to you and appreciate your intuitive and deep listening. Thank you for the potent reminders and wisdom you shared with me. Looking forward to diving into this work. Bless you for all that you do. 🙏💕🙏

Sacred Heart Cosmic Transmission Call

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

I swear I literally see dream big & blue sky everywhere I go… I saw this wallpaper which of course made me think of you! You have no idea just how big you have inspired me to dream💕

Thanks so much 🙏🙌💕 Your presence honours me.

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you. You are doing what you are meant to do, keep going strong! 🤗

The V.I.P. Day

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

Everyone needs Natalie in their life!! I highly recommend working with her in any capacity. Her work is truly authentic and refreshing and with her loving guidance, she will help to bring out the best in each person. Working with her helped me to approach things in an entirely different fashion, from a different angle and I’m really grateful to have been able to work with her.


Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

I had such a fun and life-giving experience in Conscious Creators Collective! At a time in my life and career when I was needing a little extra support and encouragement to “level up”, I received just that - and so much more - within Natalie’s mindfully curated group sessions. To be seen, lifted, and mutually celebrated by this group of women (now my life-long friends) was deeply healing. I highly recommend!!

Conscious Creators Collective

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

The experience of CCC sort of piggy backed on Boundary Bootcamp and CRAVE - almost two years of “doing the work”. This latest 9 months has been such an awesome summary and grounding of everything I’ve been working on - boundaries, confidence, self worth and value.

I feel more peaceful and excited and - dare I say “anxious” but in a really good way - of what my future now holds for me.

I feel I’ve now uncovered a calmness and centered-ness that will see me through whatever the future looks like. This course and your (Natalie’s) coaching brought me closer to God, closer to myself, and closer to this amazing group of courageous and compassionate women - also on their journey.

I realized I am never alone and the sisterhood will always be there for me.

I realized I can be vulnerable and nothing terrible happens other than the love-doors of my universe open and the incredible abundance of love and energy flows into and around me - making the vulnerability way less scary.

I realized there are sisters out there that will celebrate my wins with me and not be intimidated, envious or threatened by my personal greatness, ambitions and visions - and that I can also lift them up to their fullest potential and greatness! Such an amazingly symbiotic way of being in this human experience.

I am reminded that God has a much greater plan for my life than I can even imagine and that if I truly and honestly walk in faith and truly “be here” - everything will unfold for me as it should and as it is meant to be - not necessarily how I think it should ;-)

CRAVE, Boundary Bootcamp & CCC

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

It’s like the flood gates have been opened – it’s exposing a vulnerability that I’ve been scared of for so long, but I’m okay with it now.

Both of these aspects are going to be key to a much-needed turn around in my life, I can feel it.

Thank you for touching my life somehow in such a profound way. It’s like fate and cosmic energy and whatever else…And amazing!

Sacred Heart Cosmic Transmission Call

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

"Natalie, I wanted to thank-you for such an awesome presentation today! You were so well prepared and it was so interesting and engaging, you could hear a pin drop in that room! The information was so relevant and people shared with me how you impacted them. You are one smart cookie! I was really moved, because I have been a teacher for a long time, and everything you said confirmed what I have believed from my first day in front of a class. It is not about the content, it is about the connections! 💕" ~Marion B.

Workshop Presentation

Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

That was the best. I love listening to you, and hearing so much truth and so much love. I have to tell you that this is truly my favourite class that I have ever taken... Learning from you is such an honour. I am so grateful <3


Natalie Reimer Anderson The Self-Love Coach

This group course was insightful and really dug down into what my personal blocks were. The support of Natalie and all the people that participated in the group was amazing. Whenever I needed to ask a question or was a little confused about a subject I knew I would get an informative answer or suggestion. Listening to Natalie during the live sessions were motivating, informative and most importantly inspiring. You could feel the love and good vibes radiating, even through the screen. I just want to thank Natalie for creating this amazing course!


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