Here’s What Clients Who Have Worked With Natalie Have To Say!

Individual and Group Coaching:

"The experience of CCC sort of piggy backed on Boundary Bootcamp and CRAVE - almost two years of “doing the work”. This latest 9 months has been such an awesome summary and grounding of everything I’ve been working on - boundaries, confidence, self worth and value. I feel more peaceful and excited and - dare I say “anxious” but in a really good way - of what my future now holds for me.

I feel I’ve now uncovered a calmness and centered-ness that will see me through whatever the future looks like. This course and your (Natalie’s) coaching brought me closer to God, closer to myself, and closer to this amazing group of courageous and compassionate women - also on their journey.

I realized I am never alone and the sisterhood will always be there for me.

I realized I can be vulnerable and nothing terrible happens other than the love-doors of my universe open and the incredible abundance of love and energy flows into and around me - making the vulnerability way less scary.

I realized there are sisters out there that will celebrate my wins with me and not be intimidated, envious or threatened by my personal greatness, ambitions and visions - and that I can also lift them up to their fullest potential and greatness! Such an amazingly symbiotic way of being in this human experience.

I am reminded that God has a much greater plan for my life than I can even imagine and that if I truly and honestly walk in faith and truly “be here” - everything will unfold for me as it should and as it is meant to be - not necessarily how I think it should ;-)"

~Nadine S., Business Owner (retired)

"I absolutely loved being a part of CCC. It was so healing and fulfilling to have this container of support, and experiencing true sisterhood. I looked forward to our meetings each month which was a sacred space where we were always welcomed and encouraged to show up as we were, no masks, no filters. It was so beautiful to witness all of our transformations over the nine months and fascinating how many of us shared similar experiences along the way. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to call in their soul tribe / sisters, wanting a space where they feel seen and heard, and is ready to tap into their creation mode and experience magic💫" ~Marla C. (Business Owner)

"Natalie has led us on a journey of self discovery by examining the existential questions of life. It has been an amazing experience and I have gained clarity into my past and who I am today. I have also gained a sisterhood by getting to know the amazing women in the course.  This is an amazing group of courageous, kind, funny, smart and wonderful women. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to get to know them and you, Natalie!

I would like to say that I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in moving forward with their life."

~Sofia G. (Artist/Painter)

"My time with the CCC in 2023 has been a beautiful experience. I really felt so held and supported in such an authentic way where I was able to share in a vulnerable way. I would definitely recommend the CCC to anyone looking for an amazing experience and opportunity to co create with inspired, conscious people." ~Christy A. (Teacher's Assistant)
"These past nine months have opened up my heart. I have felt supported by you, Natalie, and the other women in this group, far more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve looked forward to each and every meeting, even on days where I wanted to hide from the world. This group accepted me as my authentic self, whatever version of me that I was that day. By having this group hold that space, I’ve been able to love and accept myself more. We are the creators of this conscious life! I feel privileged to have been a part of this journey alongside these amazing and powerful women. It doesn’t stop here! Thank you, Natalie, for shining your light and guiding the way xo" ~Dayna H. (Service and Payroll)
"I had such a fun and life-giving experience in Conscious Creators Collective! At a time in my life and career when I was needing a little extra support and encouragement to “level up”, I received just that - and so much more - within Natalie’s mindfully curated group sessions. To be seen, lifted, and mutually celebrated by this group of women (now my life-long friends) was deeply healing. I highly recommend!!" Sheena, G. (Musician and Health Coach)
"I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing sisterhood..Thank you Natalie for being a strong, loving and vulnerable leader.
You are appreciated." ~Colette C.
"Highly recommend giving yourself the gift of this group and the few hours of OM-work t truly reset your life - whether that’s relationships, business, faith, or simply the relationship with yourself. 
Game-Changer! Can’t wait to see what Natalie has in store for us next!" ~Nadine S.
"I would recommend this program to anyone seeking a soul tribe. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, beginner, advanced, or in between, being part of this community will provide you with a loving embrace as you embark on a beautiful journey of self-discovery." ~Sharlene P. (Care Support Worker)
"I couldn't believe how quickly I could feel and see the positive effects while taking Natalie's Intuition Nutrition Intensive! It truly changed my life!! ~Erin S.
"To kick everything off, I hired Nutritionist and Self-Love coach for Intuition Nutrition  that included an in depth health assessment, dietary/vitamin/supplement recommendations, and weekly one-on-one coaching support. This was a great decision and provided a ton of direction and momentum right out of the gates. Thank you Natalie!! ~Mike W.
"Thank you so much for taking the time. I felt deeply soothed talking to you and appreciate your intuitive and deep listening. Thank you for the potent reminders and wisdom you shared with me. Looking forward to diving into this book. Bless you for all that you do. 🙏💕🙏"~Cate
"It’s like the flood gates have been opened – it’s exposing a vulnerability that I’ve been scared of for so long, but I’m okay with it now. Both of these aspects are going to be key to a much-needed turn around in my life, I can feel it. Thank you for touching my life somehow in such a profound way. It’s like fate and cosmic energy and whatever else…And amazing!" ~A.B.
"Reaching out to you has been one of the most powerful things that I have ever done for myself 💜 you are an incredible human being and I cannot possibly express to you how grateful I am for everything you do and have done 😘"~L.W.

"This message is long overdue – but I wanted to make sure that I set aside enough time to express a proper and meaningful THANK YOU, and to share some of the positive changes in my life since our session.  Your advice really changed my life, Natalie – and I thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me!

I often think of our VIP day and the guidance you offered, but there are a few points that you made that really stood out and have been game-changers for me and wanted to share.

Reprogramming. I really did not understand the depth of my negative ‘subconscious programming’ until you explained to me how it works and manifests itself in life. I think it was obvious that I struggled with the idea of this concept, and working on it through mantras and affirmations – but when you told me that ‘I should accept and believe it will work, like I believe in taking my supplements daily’ – I couldn’t dispute the logic, and was desperate for a change.   It felt a bit ridiculous at first, but I stuck with it and I’ve felt a massive shift.

Vibes. I get it now and trust it, I gravitate to things that elevate me, and have an easier time letting go of things that don’t support my positive energy.

I’m thinking about ‘Service’ often and how I can contribute and give back. Thank you for reminding me how important that was/is to me. I had lost my connection to that – but you saw it somehow.

My relationship with myself is better, I’m happier, I ended a dysfunctional relationship, my daughter and I are having so much fun and I’m enjoying her so much.

Thanks for doing what you do. You’re making a difference and I intend to continue the journey.

I would like to gush (authentically :)) about your intuition too. It crossed my mind a few times how impressive it is that you meet a complete stranger, spend a whole day with them having conversations that could go absolutely anywhere and manage to steer the conversation in a productive and healing direction. I think that’s a really unique ability and gift.

With sincere gratitude," ~Christine W.

"I swear I literally see dream big & blue sky everywhere I go… I saw this wallpaper which of course made me think of you!  You have no idea just how big you have inspired me to dream💕 Thanks so much 🙏🙌💕 Your presence honours me. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you. You are doing what you are meant to do, keep going strong! 🤗" ~Holly T.

"Everyone needs Natalie in their life!! I highly recommend working with her in any capacity.  Her work is truly authentic and refreshing and with her loving guidance, she will help to bring out the best in each person.  Working with her helped me to approach things in an entirely different fashion, from a different angle and I’m really grateful to have been able to work with her." ~C. M.

 "Okay … my work of the past months has been to know and do … self Love, thank you Natalie and your program… which up until now has been this obscure notion of … what ??? self love??  aint that pride right there… I say NO NO NO!!! Do unto others as you would do to you? Oh loving others is easier than loving yourself… don’t ya know!!! …and starting right now, the self love has nothing to do with appearance, or title, or status, or number of friends or likes, or what happened to you when you was little or big or at work or who abused who… it has everything to do with the soul, spirit, tuning into what you are here for… not waiting or looking for someone else to do the loving of you .. NO ONE HAS BEEN CREATED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF LOVING YOU… EXCEPT YOU!!!! Did you hear me right now… the only person created for the purpose of loving you is YOU!!!! its not easy, but it is your work. Self love!!! Get on that!!! I’m doing it … hard as heck, but its a game changer!!! its a GAME CHANGER!!!!!! and then, guess what … the world changes around you and you impact the planet story of LOVE!!!!!

Thank you Natalie for showing me how important this Self LOVE thang is and even more, THAT I CAN DO IT!!!"~R.P.

"In December I reached out to Natalie for help. While from the outside it might’ve looked like things were ok – engaged in August, promoted twice in a year– inside I was severely unhappy. Weight gain and a lack of motivation to do anything about it, I knew that something wasn’t aligned and my first answer to that was energy healing.

I knew that Natalie was more than qualified for this; however, what she was about to offer me was more than I expected. I decided that I would take her 9-month self-love program. Amongst all my feelings of depression, anxiety, and unworthiness, I knew that it was more than my weight gain. There was more to it than just the weight. And if I wanted to start to deal with any of these emotions, I was going to need some help. I knew deep down that there were unresolved issues that, I believe, were manifesting themselves in my physical body.

Working with Natalie was one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had in this lifetime. It revealed things that needed healing. And it helped get me back on track in my life where I was allowing myself to dissipate.

Natalie facilitates this growth by asking questions, by shifting your perspective, and maintaining a safe and comfortable space to express yourself. I was able to be honest…even though that sometimes meant it wasn’t positive. We don’t realize that to work on ourselves, to love ourselves and to honor our truth, requires work, sometimes trudging through deep mud and opening the baggage that we’ve been carrying around with us all our lives.

Not only did I work on myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but I managed to feel into my physical body. I discovered that I had a yeast (candida) overgrowth and was able to remedy that. All these experiences compiled into 9 months helped me realize that I needed to heal my relationship with my food, that my body is, in fact, a temple, and how different foods made me feel. I am aware, now more than ever, that I am in control of my life…and that I can make the changes necessary to improve my life so that I may help others. Because I am a sovereign being.

When you understand that you are truly worth the love and energy that you give to others (freely and on a daily basis, I might add), magic starts to happen.

This past year my evolution as a goddess, an equal, a child of the universe, has thrust me into a greater knowing of my path. I’ve gained experience and knowledge, networked with like-minded people, and I’ve unearthed a new confidence. I’m taking mindful action to step out. Asking myself “How do I serve?” <3 The earth is calling me to make that (seemingly) final step (of this particular stage in life?), and to honor my truth and my divinity. All because I started to love myself…

I love you. Thank you." ~Rachel P.

"Thank you so much to Natalie and her  Self Love Program!  It wasn’t always easy but it was necessary to take a real look at my relationship with myself and to learn how to love myself and honour myself enough to make positive changes in my life.  Natalie gently and firmly guided me and encouraged me and kept me accountable throughout this process towards self love.  Thank you Natalie, it was a pleasure working with you!" ~Rachel R.

"After meeting Natalie and receiving her holistic health services I began to make the necessary changes to my diet. My life has completely changed, beyond my expectations, and I cannot express enough how vital life is to be lived in a healthy and balanced way in order to sparkle and be your true self! I could never go back to the way I was, drinking and eating incredibly unbalanced for nearly 15 years! If you do the work with the invaluable help you will receive from Nat, if you truly commit, you will see results. My mind, body and spirit have totally changed. THANK YOU NAT!!" ~Lisa S.

"My goal was to enter my 40’s in optimal nutritional & physical health.  I knew I needed extra motivation, support and knowledge to get me on the path to reaching my goals.  Doing this program, I lost inches & pounds, learned how to fuel my body and mind properly, increased my stamina, became stronger and also gained a bunch of new friends!" ~Lacey K.

"With so many fad diets and mixed messages out there, it was truly great to have someone like Natalie in my corner during my pregnancy, ensuring that I obtained the most relevant knowledge available to me in order to ensure I was getting everything I needed during my pregnancy so set my child up for success in a world so full of toxins and bad food! Natalie is extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to confide in. She helped me embrace my inner goddess and gave me the tools for self love. It was great to be able to talk to someone about my goals, and get a customized health and nutrition program that suited my lifestyle, met me where I was at on my journey and made those goals achievable! Natalie is extremely dedicated to her clients and her love for them comes through in every meeting, e-mail, and grocery tour. Natalie takes your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, and your goals, and makes a program that works for you; so it is an easy transition. Natalie set me up for success with her ongoing support, positivity, and commitment." ~Andrea B.

"Feeling better than ever lately. Life is all about balance that works for you.  Thank you to the gorgeous Natalie Reimer Anderson for your continual guidance. If you’re ever looking for nutritional advice from a healthy, clean, holistic perspective, completely tailored to your body’s own nutritional needs, work with her!! Thanks Natalie!" ~Katie L.

"I met Natalie just over a year ago, and in that time (and under her guidance), I have managed to completely overhaul my lifestyle from that of a tired, lazy, binge drinker with a questionable diet, to that of a vibrant, energetic, powerhouse who absolutely refuses to miss a gym session, or a hot yoga class.

Natalie is a remarkable teacher, coach, and friend. A consummate professional who truly cares about the clients she works with and for, Miss Reimer Anderson ventures far above and beyond the norm to provide an exceptional, educational, and life changing experience for all who are blessed enough to meet her dedicated acquaintance.

In the past five months, I’ve went from 238lbs to 202lbs, shedding fat and packing on muscle while following her nutritional plans, expert supplemental advice, and workout plans. When I struggled with understanding what was then almost completely foreign to me, she was always there to answer any questions I might have, even going as far as to join me in the gym for personal lessons on form and execution, in order to assist me in gaining maximum results.

Never once did I feel as though she was being inconvenienced by me, or that it was anything but her devout passion to help those with goals and dreams, so that they may reach and enjoy the level of fitness they had always wanted to.

It is my absolute pleasure to work with this rare gem of a woman."  ~Jeff B.

“So many people throughout my life have told me who I am, what I must do, what I can’t do, what I have to complete, and what I will never be able to accomplish…and then I met the Goddess.

When I met Natalie Reimer Anderson I was pregnant and met her to ask her some nutrition advice.  I was scared because I was going into uncharted water and my whole sense of identity was shifting.  Without knowing it, she eased everyone of my anxieties and it was that moment that I saw Natalie for the goddess she is : full of compassion, love, and light.

When she told me that she was a self-love coach, I remember thinking to myself “of course you are” because she is the embodiment of embracing the female in all of us. Everyone she meets and speaks to, knows that she is a light all of her own.   A beacon that acts as a guide for others to find themselves. Thank you Nat!" ~A.B.

"Today I am grateful for Natalie and her Summer of Self-Love program! I am still integrating all of the learning but holy sh*t ballz has this program turned my life around!!! I’m still reeling and full of tingles. I will be forever grateful!

Natalie has taken my learning to a whole new place introducing me to some old and many new concepts in a new and profound way that has instigated some major growth in me! In turn I have passed my learning on to my clients and they have experienced major shifts! Thank You Natalie!"  ~Sarah P.

"It’s hard to even fully put into words what it was like to work with Natalie. I just completed her Summer of Self Love Program and to say it was incredible is an understatement. She was able to help guide me to new levels of awareness and discover deeply ingrained beliefs i wasn’t even aware were affecting my perception of my worth ( and that's saying something given I’m a therapist and dive deep into my own stuff constantly! lol) .  I signed up for this program struggling to love myself and emerged on the other side with perfect clarity remembering the truth i had forgotten and buried under layers of mistaken beliefs. She reminded me of my beauty, my value and that I am and always have been perfect just as i am. I believe that now and my body is tingling with this new awareness as i type!!  I  would highly recommend working with Natalie, she is clearly following her divine purpose and i will be eternally grateful for this life changing experience. Thank you Natalie ❤" ~S.P.

"That class was so awesome.  Thank-you.  I have had a few of my buttons pushed or “triggered” today and yesterday.  So grateful for those instances occurring and for your wonderful teaching today.  Connecting some dots and hope to connect more and make space!!" ~Holly T.

"In university and even long before that, I longed for a teacher like Natalie. Someone to teach me how to take care of myself so that I can live my best life, and someone that I could really talk to and trust. Natalie's courses were the best experience I have ever had in my education, and I got so much more out of it than I hoped. The days of the course were always the highlight of my week.

Natalie is honest and courageous and told me what this vessel requires to thrive, and we discussed health and wellness topics that I already loved and some that were entirely new to me. She is one of the most supportive people in my life and I am honoured to learn from her and be her friend. She sees the Divine in everyone, and has reminded me of this many times while I have gone through some very difficult challenges. Health challenges and trauma have pushed me to my limits at times. Self Love has been challenging during these times too, but honouring myself, loving myself and allowing loving self care into my life have been the only way through the challenges.

Natalie is one of the only people I know of that are as inspired as I am to fill the world up with love. Her story is powerful, and she learned how and healed herself, but she has not stopped there and continues to find more ways to bring self Love miracles into people's lives."  ~Bethany B.

"That was the best. I love listening to you, and hearing so much truth and so much love. I have to tell you that this is truly my favourite class that I have ever taken… Learning from you is such an honour. I am so grateful <3"  ~Bethany B.

"Such a powerful call tonight Nat! This one really resonated with me…This is going to be an amazing week:) thank you  thank you thank you 🙏 for the work that you do!! 💕Seriously though, I’m sooo looking forward to a signed copy of your first book 📖 😍." ~C.K.

"I so enjoyed working with you! The program was wonderful and you were such a fantastic leader.  I really enjoyed it.  Thank-you so much!! Lots of love and gratitude!"  ~Corley M.

"The biggest insight that I learned was that I was justifying childhood trauma that I considered a non issue. When in fact some of these instances have stayed with me subconsciously and has effected some of my relationships with people. Also what I believed about myself.

This group course was insightful and really dug down into what my personal blocks were. The support of Natalie and all the people that participated in the group was amazing. Whenever I needed to ask a question or was a little confused about a subject I knew I would get an informative answer or suggestion. Listening to Natalie during the live sessions were motivating, informative and most importantly inspiring. You could feel the love and good vibes radiating, even through the screen. I just want to thank Natalie for creating this amazing course!"  ~Elaine

“So lately I have been having mixed emotions about a lot of things. and for some reason, nat posted something online that stirred something up in me. I usually shy away from social media because I am always comparing myself to others, how they will think, and how they will feel seeing something I post.

Nat took the time to call me and talk to me.. and she really opened my eyes to something. "Should" I have been using that word for so long because I compare myself to others. I should be doing this, I should be doing that. I have this expectation that I am supposed to be doing something that Im currently not doing.

Regardless of how wishy washy I could get with this post, she truly is a person who I can trust and actually feel like myself around,... even on the phone.

If you are ever in need, or want to have someone to give you a new perspective on things, please, please, talk to natalie. She is legit the best person ever. And I just want to say how grateful I am that she is who she is. bomb dot com. xo much love” ~Julie S.

"When I met Natalie a few years ago, I knew she would play a larger role in my life. Finally, this spring I was ready to start my coaching journey with Natalie and work on my internal growth journey. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Natalie’s program and her brilliant experienced mind. She is truly one of the most caring, wise and phenomenal women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She helped me decipher my thoughts, past, programs and truly see myself for who I am. My confidence has increased, I feel heard by Natalie and she has made a huge impact in my life. The way she listens is like no one else and asks incredible questions that opened up a whole new part of self-growth for me. She provided me with so many resources and rituals for me to live every day to the fullest. Also, providing guides on nutrition and wellness which was more than I could have hoped for. Thank you Natalie!!!" ~Cara D.


Speaking to Groups…

"Natalie, I wanted to thank-you for such an awesome presentation today! You were so well prepared and it was so interesting and engaging, you could hear a pin drop in that room! The information was so relevant and people shared with me how you impacted them. You are one smart cookie! I was really moved, because I have been a teacher for a long time, and everything you said confirmed what I have believed from my first day in front of a class. It is not about the content, it is about the connections! 💕" ~Marion B.

"Hi Natalie 😀 It was a real privilege to hear you speak tonight. Your story was simple and profound, your insight, highly intelligent, articulate and beautiful Thank you for your Presence. Thank You For Being." ~Ervin 🙏💖

"hi my names taylor i’m 14 and i was watched you speak at mo momdays yesterday and i was sitting right behind you, you’re story completely changed the way i look at things thank you, you are a true inspiration to me and so many others!"  ~Taylor, 14

"Oh Natalie, from the first time I heard your story, I was hoping to be able to re-listen to it... I'M SO GLAD YOU DECIDED TO SHARE THIS WITH US!!!! You're such an inspirational woman who had the power to heal herself and now that has a BIGGER POWER to help others do the same. I wish I could express myself more precisely and find the right words to express myself and tell you how I felt/and still feel when listening to your story. I'm completely overwhelmed by all these emotions that just wants to come out... but I can't find a way to let that go... I hope, one day, to be as POWERFUL AS YOU ARE and inspire others with my own experience. You actually "intimidate" me a bit the first time I meet you because of what you project. You have such a strong CHARISMA... I think that for a while I will be listening to your story over and over and over... this will be my meditation before going to bed. I think you should keep sharing your story to the world and even write a book. I'll be your #1 fan (after your family and friends of course ;) ).
I'm really grateful to have you by my side for the next couple months. I have a lot of work to do but I'm not worried anymore...💖💖"💖 ~Linda B.

"Wow, I really needed to be here tonight. Thank you." ~Krista K.
"Oh, I feel like Natalie was speaking right to me." ~Rochelle M.
"This was an incredible night, I feel so amazing!" ~Tracey T.

"Good morning, I was at Tribe last night and was so excited when I saw that you walk in the door. Once you started to speak I was in awe of your beautiful spirit. I feel very blessed to have been able to sit in the same space as you and just "be". Thank you for your words last night. Thank you for just "being" with us! You are very special! Have a great day! ~Melanie S.

"I am with you. And I see something incredibly beautiful in you Natalie Reimer Anderson! I see a fierce revolutionary advocate for a love so powerful that it can shift mass consciousness into a higher state of being. I just had the privilege of watching your MoMonday talk 😮😆🤗. I am so inspired by you and everything that you stand for ❤️😘 ~Sherry H.