Spring is here! Are you ready to bloom?

The Wildflower Project and Generation Green feature Natalie Reimer Anderson, Self-Love and Sovereign Life Coach for a one day workshop to plant the seeds of purpose and possibility in your life!

The ‘Flower of Power’ Process Workshop is a focussed and fun-filled day where you will be guided step-by-step to create your passion-driven and purposeful life plan.

In this workshop you will:

  • Identify what areas of your life need your attention
  • Recognize and release limiting beliefs that are blocking your receiving
  • Determine your core values so you can stand firm in decision-making
  • Get in touch with your soul’s desire of what it wishes to consciously create in this life
  • Give yourself permission to live your dreams into reality through daily disciplined habits

You will design a personal action plan with practical steps to follow that will move you confidently and with greater clarity toward your goals.


The ‘Flower of Power’ Process makes you the gardener of your life!

What you cultivate grows!


Workshop Includes:

Workbook resource of easy exercises, yours to keep

Guided meditation

5 hours of instruction and support from a highly in-demand expert

Community connection with other like-minded conscious creators ready to bloom

Take home gift bag provided by Generation Green

Healthy and delicious lunch provided by Acorn Cafe of Generation Green

Coffee, tea and snacks also by Acorn Cafe

A life plan created by you with easy and clear steps to begin to implement into your daily life immediately


Earlybird $250 before April 1/2019

After April 1st $300

Spots are limited so act fast

Date and location:

April 28/2019, 10am-4pm

Hosted at Generation Green, 433 Main Street, Winnipeg MB

My Story of Healing Through Self-Love

I am..

A divine and infinite being having a human experience.

A living expression of universal source love embodied.

A community of trillions of innately intelligent cells in constant communication listening and responding to my every thought, feeling and belief I have about myself.

Created by Creator to Create.

And I am worthy

and I am enough.

And I know who I am

and I know how I serve.

But it wasn’t always this way…

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Dear BeLoved

Dear BE-LOVE-ed,


I AM a divine expression of LOVE. I AM created to BE LOVE and to LIVE abundantly!


This crazy world has us forgetting what we are here for and why we came. I was personally caught up in the crazy-making competitive, trophy-accumulating physical world so deeply that I lost sight of what matters most and why I was incarnated into this time and space. As I lived from this disconnected place I began to become ill and deeply depressed. My spirit was calling out to me...

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Bio: Natalie Reimer Anderson

IMG_0372-300x200.jpgEmbracing the magic of mentoring from a young age, Natalie became a school teacher and coach in Manitoba, Canada for over a decade working with youth and young women in sport.  Due to intense personal and family health crisis she was set on a path of transformation and began to pursue an alternate course of education in nutrition and fitness, knowing that health and healing is more than the model of prescriptive medications and surgery.  Out of this surrender to pursuing the truth,...

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Below are a few words of gratitude from those who have worked with Natalie, participating in her programs or one-on-one sessions. Use the link below to view all testimonials.

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  • “Thank you so much for taking the time. I felt deeply soothed talking to you and appreciate your intuitive and deep listening. Thank you for the potent reminders and wisdom you shared with me. Looking forward to diving into this book. Bless you for all that you do. 🙏💕🙏”

    Unblocking Your Self-Love Discovery Session

  • “It’s like the flood gates have been opened – it’s exposing a vulnerability that I’ve been scared of for so long, but I’m okay with it now. Both of these aspects are going to be key to a much-needed turn around in my life, I can feel it. Thank you for touching my life somehow in such a profound way. It’s like fate and cosmic energy and whatever else…And amazing!”

    Unblocking Your Self-Love Discovery Session

  • “Reaching out to you has been one of the most powerful things that I have ever done for myself 💜 you are an incredible human being and I cannot possibly express to you how grateful I am for everything you do and have done 😘”

    The Cell~Soul~Self-Love System

  • “I swear I literally see dream big & blue sky everywhere I go… I saw this wallpaper which of course made me think of you! You have no idea just how big you have inspired me to dream💕 Thanks so much 🙏🙌💕 Your presence honours me. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you. You are doing what you are meant to do, keep going strong! 🤗”

    The V.I.P. Day

  • “Everyone needs Natalie in their life!! I highly recommend working with her in any capacity. Her work is truly authentic and refreshing and with her loving guidance, she will help to bring out the best in each person. Working with her helped me to approach things in an entirely different fashion, from a different angle and I’m really grateful to have been able to work with her.”


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