The Flower Of Empowerment Process

Are you ready to bloom and grow in this beautiful garden of life?

The Flower of Empowerment is a potent process that asks you to take radical responsibility for your actions and creations in your garden of life. When I don't blame I can fully bloom. When I take consciously aware action, I will blossom into the most authentic and beautiful me that is and ever was!

Plant it, Tend it, Watch it Grow…

The ‘Flower of Empowerment’ Process is a focused and action-filled method where you will be guided to:

Identify which areas of your life need your attention and intention
Unearth the limiting beliefs that are blocking your abundance
Determine your core values so you can stand firmly in soul-based, decision-making from a place of integrity
Get in touch with your soul’s longing to consciously create and plant the seeds of your desire
Give yourself permission to dream big and believe it into existence
Germinate and embrace your authentic beauty and live unapologetically in the garden of possibilities

You will design a personal daily action plan with practical steps to follow that will move you confidently and with greater clarity toward the life you desire to cultivate and grow!

The Flower of Empowerment Process makes you the conscious gardener of your life!
What you cultivate grows!

Natalie Reimer Anderson

Introduction and Welcome to The Process

Here we go!! You're going to blossom and bloom in this garden of possibility! This is a step-by-step method to become aware of how you are the gardener of your life and how to take radical responsibility to plant, tend and grow the life you intend!

Please begin by watching the intro video to start this process.


Natalie Reimer Anderson