Cell to Soul Self-Love Transformational 1:1 Coaching (6 calls)

Natalie uses her intuitive gifts and deep compassionate listening to help you gently uncover where your personal blind spots and mistaken limiting beliefs are creating your own suffering and stagnation. She will help you excavate and exchange the dis-empowering perceptions you may be unaware that you hold, and support you while you shift into your new perceptions and highest expression.

Extensively trained with 2 decades experience, Natalie has healed herself and helped hundreds of others though the strategic use of the Socratic Method, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Compassionate Inquiry as well as the spiritual practices of Manifestation, Somatic practices, Nutritional Symptomatology (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), Meditation principles and practices all sprinkled with a giant dose of unconditional love to help you claim and stand powerfully rooted in your inherent self-worth and create your life from your heart's true desire.

Are you ready to step into the journey of self-discovery? Are you ready to stop hiding behind "comfortable" and take the risk of claiming your desire? If it's time to turn it all the way up and let go of the blocks that are keeping you from what you know deep down inside is possible for you then this is it!

For those who wish to get to the bottom of a specific looping cycle or currently difficult issue that you have been dealing with and/or get a solid foundation on their spiritual and holistic health practices that will support the fullness of embodiment so they can live your highest expression. Let's GO!!!

This package includes: 

8 one hour Zoom calls with Natalie

Supplemental materials tailored to your specific needs

Discount VIP Coupon Codes to all future courses from Natalie (as in; YOU never pay full price again as a reward for your commitment to doing the work!!)

Here's what clients had to say about working with Natalie:

Natalies Self-Love program has been a profound, transformative and incredibly beautiful experience.

It was so powerful uncovering some of my unconscious patterns and old beliefs that were no longer serving me, and so empowering being able to choose differently and change them. At times it was uncomfortable, but I believe it’s from those feelings of discomfort that we grow and evolve, and that’s where the magic happens.

Natalie listened to me in a way that always left me feeling deeply heard and understood. I could feel her comforting, compassionate, and loving presence on all of our calls.

Looking back it was so beautiful the way it all unfolded. Thank you Natalie for your encouragement and guidance, and for showing up the way you do every time. Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom with me, you have taught me so much. You have inspired me to live an empowering life filled with more peace, love, compassion, gratitude and acceptance. I am more aligned with my higher self and experiencing more divine synchronicities on the daily. I feel so honoured that I was able to work with you in the capacity that I did.

With love and gratitude
Marla ❤️🙏🏼❤️

"In December I reached out to Natalie for help. While from the outside it might’ve looked like things were ok – engaged in August, promoted twice in a year– inside I was severely unhappy. Weight gain and a lack of motivation to do anything about it, I knew that something wasn’t aligned and my first answer to that was energy healing.

I knew that Natalie was more than qualified for this; however, what she was about to offer me was more than I expected. I decided that I would take her 8 call self-love program. Amongst all my feelings of depression, anxiety, and unworthiness, I knew that it was more than my weight gain. And if I wanted to start to deal with any of these emotions, I was going to need some help. I knew deep down that there were unresolved issues that, I believe, were manifesting themselves in my physical body.

Working with Natalie was one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had in this lifetime. It revealed things that needed healing. And it helped get me back on track in my life where I was allowing myself to dissipate.

Natalie facilitates this growth by asking questions, by shifting your perspective, and maintaining a safe and comfortable space to express yourself. I was able to be honest…even though that sometimes meant it wasn’t positive. We don’t realize that to work on ourselves, to love ourselves and to honor our truth, requires work, sometimes trudging through deep mud and opening the baggage that we’ve been carrying around with us all our lives.

Not only did I work on myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but I managed to feel into my physical body. I discovered that I had a yeast (candida) overgrowth and was able to remedy that. All these experiences compiled into 9 months helped me realize that I needed to heal my relationship with my food, that my body is, in fact, a temple, and how different foods made me feel. I am aware, now more than ever, that I am in control of my life…and that I can make the changes necessary to improve my life so that I may help others. Because I am a sovereign being.

When you understand that you are truly worth the love and energy that you give to others (freely and on a daily basis, I might add), magic starts to happen.

This past year my evolution as a goddess, an equal, a child of the universe, has thrust me into a greater knowing of my path. I’ve gained experience and knowledge, networked with like-minded people, and I’ve unearthed a new confidence. I’m taking mindful action to step out. Asking myself “How do I serve?” <3 The earth is calling me to make that (seemingly) final step (of this particular stage in life?), and to honor my truth and my divinity. All because I started to love myself…

I love you. Thank you."

~Rachel P.

"Thank you so much to Natalie and her Self Love Transformation Program!  It wasn’t always easy but it was necessary to take a real look at my relationship with myself and to learn how to love myself and honour myself enough to make positive changes in my life.  Natalie gently and firmly guided me and encouraged me and kept me accountable throughout this process towards self love.  Thank you Natalie, it was a pleasure working with you!"

~Rachel R.

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