Intuition Nutrition Symptomatology Assessment, Protocols and Recommendations

The body speaks in symptoms...this Nutritional Symptomatology and Lifestyle Assessment will help uncover what your body has been saying to you and how you can learn its language and answer its needs. Natalie has been an RHN for two decades and will use her expertise to read and interpret the findings to provide you with a clear path forward in your nutritional support towards your best health and teach you how to speak the language of your body. This can be done as a stand alone product or combined with any of the coaching packages (recommended) or courses. Excellent health is expressed from cell to soul. Make your body your friend again!!

This package includes:

One 60min interview call appointment

One 90min introductory call with delivery and explanation of program/protocol

Three 20 min follow-up accountability calls- bi-weekly with option to add more (renew of accountability calls package)

Here's what Intuition Nutrition Clients have to say:

"After meeting Natalie and receiving her holistic health services I began to make the necessary changes to my diet. My life has completely changed, beyond my expectations, and I cannot express enough how vital life is to be lived in a healthy and balanced way in order to sparkle and be your true self! I could never go back to the way I was, drinking and eating incredibly unbalanced for nearly 15 years! If you do the work with the invaluable help you will receive from Nat, if you truly commit, you will see results. My mind, body and spirit have totally changed. THANK YOU NAT!!"

~Lisa S.

"My goal was to enter my 40’s in optimal nutritional & physical health.  I knew I needed extra motivation, support and knowledge to get me on the path to reaching my goals.  Doing this program, I lost inches & pounds, learned how to fuel my body and mind properly, increased my stamina, became stronger and also gained a bunch of confidence!"

~Lacey K.

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