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With over two decades of teaching, coaching, counselling and public speaking at schools, festivals, retreats, seminars, corporate & public events, Natalie is a dynamic and entertaining speaker/teacher whose presentations have a playful and interactive quality that leave audiences with a powerful learning experience and new perspective.

Pricing to be determined based on details of event, place and time.

Topics include but not limited to: Self-perception/self-esteem and The Power of Loving Yourself, How to Create Win-Win Boundaries, The Cell to Soul Connection, The Science of Self-love, Love Your Lineage, Recognizing and Overcoming Limiting/Subconscious Core Beliefs, Growth Mindset, The Power of Choice, Quantum Leaping, Over-coming Self-Sabotage, Shadow Work, How Your Body Speaks to You and How To Listen, Manifesting and Clear Vision, Radical Forgiveness, Soul-Goal-Setting, Inner-Child Integration, Shifting Shame, Body Acceptance and Intuitive Nutrition.

Or, co-create your focus and vision together with Natalie will work with you to deliver a potent offering sure to enlighten and entertain your audience!!

Here's what people had to say:

"Natalie, I wanted to thank-you for such an awesome presentation today! You were so well prepared and it was so interesting and engaging, you could hear a pin drop in that room! The information was so relevant and people shared with me how you impacted them. You are one smart cookie! I was really moved, because I have been a teacher for a long time, and everything you said confirmed what I have believed from my first day in front of a class. It is not about the content, it is about the connections! 💕"

~Marion B.

"Hi Natalie 😀 It was a real privilege to hear you speak tonight. Your story was simple and profound, your insight, highly intelligent, articulate and beautiful Thank you for your Presence. Thank You For Being."

~Ervin 🙏💖

"hi my names taylor i’m 14 and i was watched you speak at mo momdays yesterday and i was sitting right behind you, you’re story completely changed the way i look at things thank you, you are a true inspiration to me and so many others!"

~Taylor, 14