Boundaries Bootcamp for Empaths and People-Pleasers

Reclaim Self-Sovereignty and Create Harmonious Relationships!

Your ability to identify and express your boundaries is one of the greatest gifts you can give your self and others! Healthy boundaries are the playbook in the complex game of relationships and this course will help you to learn the art of creating win-win situations in life with others. Say goodbye to secret resentments and lack of authentic relating. Boundaries make us better not bitter!! 

4 part online workshop. Workbook exercises and video lesson included.  

"This work is so needed!! I had no idea how much I was in need of boundaries in so many areas and that is all comes down to my self-worth."

~Lisa S.

"Thank you Natalie! I feel such a burden lifted since taking this course! I was so scared to be thought of as a B**** but now I know that I can create win-win boundaries and that expecting to be treated with respect is my right just like I give to others."

~Christy W.

"This workshop has changed my life."

~Nadine S.

Boundary Badass training