What Do You CRAVE? Love your Self, Feed you Cells, Satisfy your Soul


With the hustle and bustle of holiday season all but upon us, this is the time to sit and reflect on your year and what you want to create in 2018 and beyond!

So the question I pose to you is WHAT DO YOU CRAVE?

If you sit in stillness and hear the whisper of your soul what is it yearning for?

What wants to be created and birthed in and through you in this one glorious life?

If we never ask ourselves these fundamental questions we cannot communicate with clarity to the Source~Universe what we wish to make manifest!  And I can tell you that based on the year I’ve had, the more clear I was with my “wish list” the more speedy and accurate was the delivery of all of my desires! But it hasn’t always been this way for me either. I had to learn how to listen to my soul’s calling and take conscious action to “move in the direction of my dreams”.  I had to strip down to my most authentic self and to see her and hear her for the first time since I was a day-dreaming child.

Once I tuned into that inner-wisdom and the child essence that is my authentic voice, I began to have clarity on what I was put here on this earth to BE and CREATE. I identified my emotional, physical, and psychological cravings, what was behind them, and then gave myself permission to have all I desired because…


Only then did I begin to recognize and receive all that I desired as if by magic.

If you are in a place where you are:

  • Stuck in redundant patterns that are leaving you unhappy and frustrated
  • Dissatisfied and with a nagging sense of having so much more to give
  • Holding onto extra weight, addictions and bad habits you can’t seem to shake
  • Lacking clarity on what you really desire so having no goals or direction only apathy
  • Fluctuating between frozen feelings of overwhelm and feeling desperate to take action
  • Unable to see that you are worthy of the dreams you had as a day-dreaming kid

The answers lay in discovering what you CRAVE!

What do you desire to:

Choose with clarity

Release once and for all

Allow to come into your life

Value differently and deliberately

Express authentically and boldly

Join me for a 6 week intensive journey within to discover what you truly CRAVE. Feed your cells, love yourself & satisfy your soul. Create healthy new habits, thoughts & beliefs for a new year & new YOU and transform your total health; ‘Cell to Soul’. Begin to Choose, Release, Allow, Value & Express your true Self in 2018!

In this 6 week group coaching transformational experience, I combine my years of manifestation, nutrition, fitness and empowerment coaching expertise with my passion for vibrant and purposeful living together with the secret formula to creating your BEST life; to love yourself deeply and truly as you are!!  When you know that you are worthy of having a magical and fulfilling life you are an UNSTOPPABLE MAGNET and your dreams find YOU!

2018 is your time to DREAM BIG again! All it will require is for you to decide you are worthy to start the process. You know it’s within you, those old dreams and desires for your life that got buried under days of mundane and redundant dust.

That longing won’t go away. You will continue to seek it out in too much food, painful relationships, self-medicating substances and impulsive shopping.


Using cutting-edge science of Ortho-molecular/cellular nutrition, Neuro-plasticity and Epigenetics paired with my transformational teaching methods such as “Clarity Questioning”, “Mining for Goals”, “Choose Again”, I will challenge you to take full ownership of your glorious life, to balance your cellular chemistry, to uncover your desires, to set your goals, to take conscious action, and to live from a place of radical and transformational self-love as the manifestation magic!!  Self-Love is NOT hokey, it’s quantum science! And IT IS NECESSARY to manifest the life of your dreams!

When we truly love ourselves, not only do the relationships in our life transform, our body begins to manifest in a healthier expression. This transformation is both on the soul-level and it is CELLULAR!  The secret science of Self-Love is yours to discover and make work for YOU. It is the beginning of all manifestation in our lives.  It is our creation power!

If you are ready to:

  • Choose with clarity and conscious action to create the life you desire.
  • Release harmful attachments to thought patterns, addictions, habits, and relationships you have allowed to control you and keep you from your dreams.
  • Allow yourself to dream again and receive what the Universe has been patiently holding for you until the day you woke up and asked for it.
  • Value yourself enough to give yourself permission to desire what you desire, unashamed and empowered as a worthy child of the Universe.
  • Express your truth and authentic voice and hear your own magnificent heart calling to you in your desires.

Then your program has found you! Look at you already setting the Universe in motion!

In the 6 week CRAVE program you will receive:

6, 1 1/2 hour group calls (recorded to playback at your leisure or in case you miss one, yours to keep!)

Live question and answer segment each week

Healthy and sustainable nutritional science-based menu plan with recipes

Cell salts program individualized to your body’s cellular needs

Behavioural modification, clarity mindset and new habit habituation tools

Goal setting, accountability and knowledgeable expertise from a highly in-demand self-love coach, certified personal trainer and registered holistic nutritionist in one

Pantry swaps and grocery list for ease of transition to a new lifestyle and healthier behaviours

Self-love secrets and practical ways to love yourself more each day

Group sharing and collaboration to trouble-shoot the common pitfalls we all come up against on our self-love and manifestation journey

Workbook PDF to guide and keep you on track and accountable all year long

Membership to a private Facebook group where we can inquire, share, inspire, motivate and celebrate our successes

This Program runs from Jan. 9- Feb. 13 2018

Group calls are Tuesdays 7:30-9 pm CT via Zoom

Early bird saving until Dec.23, 2017, yours for $497

After which it goes up to $597

Deposit of $200 required to reserve your spot (non-refundable)

Full payment to be made before commencement of the program

Credit card and Paypal gladly accepted

If you are ready to CHOOSE NOW to uncover what you CRAVE and begin the creation magic in your life follow these two easy steps:

  1. To reserve your spot send the deposit of $200 OR total amount of $497 plus 5% GST to paypal.me/nreimeranderson  or etransfer to [email protected]
  2.  You will receive an intake questionnaire to get you started on the journey of discovering what you CRAVE. Fill it in and send it back as soon as possible.

The life of your dreams exists beyond the blocks of old habits, addictions, attachments and apathy we call day-to-day living. Connect to your soul’s longing. Identify what you CRAVE. Make 2018 the year you awakened your dreams.


Lots of LOVE and MAGIC to you and yours this holiday season.

With gratitude,




Bio: Natalie Reimer Anderson

Embracing the magic of mentoring from a young age, Natalie became a school teacher and coach in Manitoba, Canada for over a decade working with youth and young women in sport.  Due to intense personal and family health crisis she was set on a path of transformation and began to pursue an alternate course of education in nutrition and fitness, knowing that health and healing is more than the model of prescriptive medications and surgery.  Out of this surrender to pursuing the truth, was born her vision and passion for a mind, body, and spirit approach to health. Manifesting a total healing of her auto-immune condition and losing over 90 pounds, she discovered the key to creating a life of joy and abundance.
A mother of two sons and a loving life partner, a registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition), Certified Personal Trainer (CanFitPro), who also holds a Bachelor of Education (University of Winnipeg), Natalie has gained vast experience and knowledge as a health coach and lifestyle educator in a clinical setting working with hundreds of clients while balancing family responsibility.
A common theme became evident and Natalie noticed that her clients’ past programming lay buried beneath their struggles with weight, their body image and their other health issues.  She realized through them and her personal healing experiences that when you LOVE first, everything else follows and that loving one’s self is the catalyst for creating real physical and spiritual well-being which ultimately IS our natural state.

With deep compassion and empathy Natalie combines, her experience and expertise in nutrition and a spiritual practise to empower the person who has tried everything but still can’t find the answer to what is blocking them from achieving their best health. As a vigorously positive and loving coach, Natalie guides clients to breakthroughs about their unique truth and supports them on their path to the miracle of self-love through her signature 9 month system on Transformational Self Love.IMG_0372

Dear BeLoved

Dear BE-LOVE-ed,


I AM a divine expression of LOVE. I AM created to BE LOVE and to LIVE abundantly!


This crazy world has us forgetting what we are here for and why we came. I was personally caught up in the crazy-making competitive, trophy-accumulating physical world so deeply that I lost sight of what matters most and why I was incarnated into this time and space. As I lived from this disconnected place I began to become ill and deeply depressed. My spirit was calling out to me and my body was showing me through dis-ease how much I needed to change the way I was living.

By a series of synchronistic encounters I met a dear teacher and integrative medical doctor who showed me that the secret to my own healing lay in my surrendering to complete SELF-LOVE, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. I felt HOPE for the first time in decades.

As I began to excavate the layers of my pain, shame and self-loathing and practice the principles of “radical self-care” I began to fall in love with my life and my own divine being. I recovered my health and am now thriving with love and life force.

I have lived the lowest lows and climbed out of my own pit of depression to meet my higher self at the top of the mountain. She was patiently waiting there all along with compassionate understanding.

Now it is my life’s mission and contribution of gratitude to be a guide on your journey to self-love. To be your LOVE SHERPA as you climb to meet your magnificent true being. YES, she waits for you with open arms BUT it does require dedicated practice to get there. I can show you how I did it through my signature system of simple steps and give you that gentle yet firm push to keep pressing onward and upward one step at a time.

It is my honour to be a “wounded healer” who has learned from experience, a Self-Love Sherpa to show you your path to power, and a sort of ‘match-maker’ to introduce you to your one and only true love and most important relationship of your life; that of you to your true self.

BE the LOVE you seek.  Create the life you LOVE.



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What Do You CRAVE? 

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Join me for a 6 week intensive journey within to discover what you truly CRAVE. Feed your cells, love yourself & satisfy your soul. Create healthy new habits, thoughts & beliefs for a new year & new YOU and transform your total health; ‘Cell to Soul’. Begin to Choose, Release, Allow, Value & Express your true Self in 2018!  

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Prairie Yogi’s SNOWFLAKE Winter Wellness Festival Workshop

I will be a contributing workshop presenter at 2018’s Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival where the focus is self-care and self-love.  My workshop is called The Cell~Soul~Self-Love Connection.  Come learn my easy and transformational secrets to total wellness ‘Cell to Soul’.  Be sure to get your tickets and to register to reserve your spot in the workshops of your choice before they fill up!

 Tickets are available now for Prairie Yogi’s Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival Jan.21st 2018