Bio: Natalie Reimer Anderson

IMG_0372-300x200.jpgEmbracing the magic of mentoring from a young age, Natalie became a school teacher and coach in Manitoba, Canada for over a decade working with youth and young women in sport.  Due to intense personal and family health crisis she was set on a path of transformation and began to pursue an alternate course of education in nutrition and fitness, knowing that health and healing is more than the model of prescriptive medications and surgery.  Out of this surrender to pursuing the truth, was born her vision and passion for a mind, body, and spirit approach to health. Manifesting a total healing of her auto-immune condition and losing over 90 pounds, she discovered the key to creating a life of joy and abundance. A mother of two sons and a loving life partner, a registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition), Certified Personal Trainer (CanFitPro), who also holds a Bachelor of Education (University of Winnipeg), Natalie has gained vast experience and knowledge as a health coach and lifestyle educator in a clinical setting working with hundreds of clients while balancing family responsibility. A common theme became evident and Natalie noticed that her clients’ past programming lay buried beneath their struggles with weight, their body image and their other health issues.  She realized through them and her personal healing experiences that when you LOVE first, everything else follows and that loving one’s self is the catalyst for creating real physical and spiritual well-being which ultimately IS our natural state. With deep compassion and empathy Natalie combines, her experience and expertise in nutrition and a spiritual practise to empower the person who has tried everything but still can't find the answer to what is blocking them from achieving their best health. As a vigorously positive and loving coach, Natalie guides clients to breakthroughs about their unique truth and supports them on their path to the miracle of self-love through her signature 9 month system on Transformational Self Love.


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