My Story of Healing Through Self-Love

I am..

A divine and infinite being having a human experience.

A living expression of universal source love embodied.

A community of trillions of innately intelligent cells in constant communication listening and responding to my every thought, feeling and belief I have about myself.

Created by Creator to Create.

And I am worthy

and I am enough.

And I know who I am

and I know how I serve.

But it wasn’t always this way…

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Dear BeLoved

Dear BE-LOVE-ed,


I AM a divine expression of LOVE. I AM created to BE LOVE and to LIVE abundantly!


This crazy world has us forgetting what we are here for and why we came. I was personally caught up in the crazy-making competitive, trophy-accumulating physical world so deeply that I lost sight of what matters most and why I was incarnated into this time and space. As I lived from this disconnected place I began to become ill and deeply depressed. My spirit was calling out to me...

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Bio: Natalie Reimer Anderson

IMG_0372-300x200.jpgEmbracing the magic of mentoring from a young age, Natalie became a school teacher and coach in Manitoba, Canada for over a decade working with youth and young women in sport.  Due to intense personal and family health crisis she was set on a path of transformation and began to pursue an alternate course of education in nutrition and fitness, knowing that health and healing is more than the model of prescriptive medications and surgery.  Out of this surrender to pursuing the truth,...

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